Dog Bite EmergenciesEvery day a person is bitten by an animal, most of these bites are from dogs.

As America’s most popular and beloved pet, dogs are everywhere. One may be a member of your family. But the risk and danger of being attacked by a dog, or any other animal capable of inflicting bodily harm, can never be ignored. An animal attack can be a terrifying experience, potentially leaving the victim with serious injuries.

Depending on the extent and severity of the attack, a person may require medical attention. Each year, more than 350,000 dog bite victims are seen in emergency rooms and approximately 800,000 receive medical treatment for injuries caused by dog bites.

Between expensive hospital visits and lost wages, dog bites specifically can cost up to $500 million in damages every year—if all animal attacks are included, the cost is much higher. Many animal attack victims experience extensive trauma as well as permanent scarring or disfigurement. These victims can potentially live in fear of animals for the rest of their lives, negatively impacting their future relationships and ability to earn a living.

Dog & Animal Attacks in Children

Of the animal attacks that occur, most happen to children because they’re at the level of the animal’s mouth. When a child is bitten, it can be a horrific experience—And sometimes a permanently scarring and disfiguring one. An experience such as this can cause extensive trauma to the victim. Some children even feel as if they were “being eaten alive.” This can leave children with a severe fear of animals for years after the incident. This emotional trauma and possible physical disfigurement will negatively affect their ability to earn a wage in the future.

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