Protect Yourself from Predators1 to 4% of the United States population can be categorized as predators. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and disguises. They hunt their unsuspecting victims, while they hide in plain sight. We can’t avoid being their targets; as they try to scam us financially, spiritually, criminally or sexually; but we can avoid being their prey. Dr. Manges offers a dynamic, insightful, and riveting presentation as a keynote speaker, for your next conference or at your school, office, and campus safety program. Find out how to protect yourself and your group from becoming the next victim. Call NOW 513-784-1333 to schedule your next meeting’s spokesperson on PREDATORS ON THE PROWL: How they spot their victims and how you can survive when trapped.

Dr. Kenneth Manges is a Forensic Psychologist and vocational expert who offers consultation and comprehensive evaluations. His analyses have been recognized for their clarity and scientific rigor. He offers reasonably certain opinions about the psychological impact of physical injury or emotional trauma as they affect earning capacity and the impact of loss on future work and quality of life. Well regarded in the litigation arena, he is a trusted and respected authority and offers evaluations that have been consistently upheld in both state and federal courts. Call Dr. Manges at 513-784-1333 or send him an email by copying and pasting the following email address into your preferred email account: