As a forensic psychologist and expert on vocational and earnings capacity and loss matters, I provide attorneys with a wide range of consultation services for complex litigation, product liability and medical malpractice cases.

 How Dr. Manges Helps Attorneys in Case Preparation and Strategy Development

Dr. Manges talks with attorneys in depth about the case’s psychological, behavioral, emotional, and communication elements. He discusses the language of the trial to help develop themes, phrases and mental images of key trial aspects. After jury selection, Dr. Manges can help attorneys understand how to present information to jurors. These services are available on a customized basis to best meet the individual needs of each client. Click here to contact Dr. Manges for additional information.

Much or Dr. Manges’ and pre-trial consultation services are focused on:

  • Victim Impact
  • Jury Selection
  • Focus Groups
  • Mock Trials
  • Case Strategy Development

Upon request, Dr. Manges provides current documentation for Agreements, his Resume, and Rule 26.  Click here to submit your request. These additional services are ONLY available when Dr. Manges is NOT otherwise engaged on the same matter/case as an expert witness.

Victim Impact

In cases concerning injury and/or emotional trauma, every victim will be impacted differently. As an example, in a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), victims may be seriously impacted on a number of levels, including:

  • personality alteration,
  • job loss (or significant earnings capacity loss),
  • interpersonal relationship issues, and
  • physical disability.

These matters may also result in other psychological matters, such as depression, which in and of itself has additional ramifications. Dr. Manges helps attorneys understand from psychological and vocational perspectives the degree to which a victim’s life has, and likely will continue to be, impacted.

Jury Selection

When consulting (and not involved directly with the trail as a witness) Dr. Manges can offer an expanded grouping of pre-trial services:

  • Preparation of voire dire questions
  • Assistance with strikes for cause
  • Demonstrative evidence recommendations for easier juror understanding
  • Communication strategies utilizing the latest scientific understanding to assist with clarity of intent

Focus Groups

  • Review of important issues that may be confusing to potential jurors
  • Phrasing of direct and cross-examination to facilitate juror understanding and witness testimony
  • Presentation of demonstrative evidence

Mock Trials

  • Complete mock trials with observations by counsel in order to observe the jury deliberation of crucial issues of concern
  • Effective attorney presentation feedback for both direct and cross-examination

Case Strategy Development

  • Consultation regarding psychological, behavioral and emotional issues
  • Assistance with understanding the scientific findings as they relate to the courtroom communication process (best practices for the communication process)

Dr. Kenneth Manges is a Forensic Psychologist and vocational expert who offers consultation and comprehensive evaluations. His analyses have been recognized for their clarity and scientific rigor. He offers reasonably certain opinions about the psychological impact of physical injury or emotional trauma as they affect earning capacity and the impact of loss on future work and quality of life. Well regarded in the litigation arena, he is a trusted and respected authority and offers evaluations that have been consistently upheld in both state and federal courts. Call Dr. Manges at 513-784-1333 or send him an email by copying and pasting the following email address into your preferred email account: